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@@ -16,18 +16,38 @@ assessing the amount of disk space required for your installation:
| Component | Disk Space Required |
-| archive directory | 30 Mbytes |
-| tools src unzipped | 100 Mbytes |
+| archive directory | 40 Mbytes |
+| tools src unarchived | 200 Mbytes |
| each individual build directory | 300 Mbytes worst case |
-| each installation directory | 20-130 Mbytes |
+| each installation directory | 20-200 Mbytes |
@end example
-The disk space required for each installation directory depends
-primarily on the number of RTEMS BSPs which are to be installed.
-If a single BSP is installed, then the size of each install directory
+It is important to understand that the above requirements only address
+the GNU C/C++ Cross Compiler Tools themselves. Adding additional
+languages such as Fortran or Objective-C can increase the size
+of the build and installation directories. Also, the unarchived
+source and build directories can be removed after the tools are
+After the tools themselves are installed, RTEMS must be built
+and installed for each Board Support Package that you wish
+to use. Thus the precise amount of disk space required
+for each installation directory depends highly on the number
+of RTEMS BSPs which are to be installed. If a single BSP is
+installed, then the additional size of each install directory
will tend to be in the 40-60 Mbyte range.
+There are a number of factors which must be taken into
+account in oreder to estimate the amount of disk space required
+to build RTEMS itself. Attempting to build multiple BSPs in
+a single step increases the disk space requirements. Similarly
+enabling optional features increases the build and install
+space requirements. In particular, enabling and building
+the RTEMS tests results in a significant increase in build
+space requirements but since the test are not installed has
+no impact on installation requirements.
The instructions in this manual should work on any computer running
a UNIX variant. Some native GNU tools are used by this procedure