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-@set PFE-FTP
+@c @set PFE-FTP
+@set PFE-FTP
@chapter Using MS-Windows as a Development Host
@@ -62,13 +64,29 @@ tar -xzvf archive.tgz
You absolutely have to use a text editor which can
save files with Unix format (so don't use Notepad
-nor Wordpad). If you do not have an appropriate
-text editor, try @b{Programmers File Editor}, it is
-free and very convenient. This editor may be downloaded
+nor Wordpad). There are a number of editors
+freely available that can be used.
+@itemize @bullet
+@item @b{VIM} (@b{Vi IMproved}) is available from
+@b{}. This editor has the very
+handy ability to easily read and write files in
+either DOS or UNIX style.
+@item @b{GNU Emacs} is available for many platforms
+including MS-Windows. The official homepage
+is @b{}.
+The GNU Emacs on Windows NT and Windows 95/98 FAQ is
+at @b{}.
+@item @b{PFE} (@b{Programmers File Editor}) may be downloaded
+from @b{@value{PFE-FTP},@value{PFE-FTP}}. Note this
+editor is no longer actively supported.
@c @uref{@value{PFE-FTP},@value{PFE-FTP}}
+@end itemize
@subsection Bug in Patch Utility