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@@ -116,15 +116,6 @@ The primary ftp site for the FSF GNU tools is ( in the /pub/gnu directory. These
tools are mirrored on numerous ftp sites.
-Intel maintains a toolset for their i960 processor
-family based on the GNU tools referred to as GNU/960. The
-source code for this toolset is available from
-( [NOTE: The GNU/960 toolset generally includes
-an older version of GCC than that available from the FSF. When
-the FSF version of GNU C is significantly newer than that in the
-GNU/960 release, the RTEMS developers replace the GCC in the
-GNU/960 toolset with the FSF release.]
Cygnus maintains an ftp site --
( -- which contains a source code which appeals to
embedded developers. Of especial interest on this site are the