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<A HREF="../dvi/started.dvi">
<IMG SRC="images/dvi.gif" HEIGHT=18 WIDTH=16></A>
<A HREF="started/index.html">
- Getting Started with RTEMS for C/C++ Users</A>
+ Getting Started with RTEMS</A>
<LI><A HREF="../pdf/c_user.pdf">
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<LI>Ada Manuals</LI>
- <LI><A HREF="../pdf/started.pdf">
- <IMG SRC="images/pdf1.gif" HEIGHT=18 WIDTH=16></A>
- <A HREF="../ps/">
- <IMG SRC="images/ps.gif" HEIGHT=18 WIDTH=16></A>
- <A HREF="../dvi/started_ada.dvi">
- <IMG SRC="images/dvi.gif" HEIGHT=18 WIDTH=16></A>
- <A HREF="started_ada/index.html">
- Getting Started with GNAT/RTEMS</A> (NOTE: Build procedures
- apply only to gnat 3.13p not the GNAT in gcc 3.2. The
- hello world and testing the native GNAT are applicable though.
- The relevant portions of this manual need to be merged into
- the Getting Started for C/C++ Users document.)
- </LI>
<LI><A HREF="../pdf/ada_user.pdf">
<IMG SRC="images/pdf1.gif" HEIGHT=18 WIDTH=16></A>
<A HREF="../ps/">