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-<HEAD><TITLE>RTEMS 4.0.0 On-Line Library</TITLE></HEAD>
-<A HREF="" target="Text Frame">
- <IMG align=right BORDER=0 SRC="oaronly.jpg" ALT="OAR"> </A>
-<H1>RTEMS On-Line Library</H1>
-The following manuals do not currently exist in PDF:
- <LI>Getting Started with RTEMS for C/C++ Users</LI>
- <LI>Getting Started with GNAT/RTEMS</LI>
-These can not be generated due to a bug in the texi2pdf processor
-that results in variables not being expanded in the @uref command.
-This has been reported to the maintainers. If you are interested
-in fixing this or have a fix for this bug, please contact
-<A HREF=""><I></I>.</A>
-Copyright &copy; 1988-2000 <A HREF="" target="Text Frame">OAR Corporation</A>