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2001-08-30 Joel Sherrill <>
+ * src/coremutex.c, src/coremutexseize.c, src/coremutexsurrender.c,
+ inline/rtems/score/coremutex.inl: The per thread field resource_count
+ should only be manipulated when a mutex is priority ceiling or
+ priority inherit. This was reported by Chris Johns <>
+ who also noticed that the use of switches for all disciplines
+ generated less efficient code than using explicit tests for the one
+ or two cases we were really interested in. Further review of his
+ modifications made it apparent that the "isa" methods to test mutex
+ discipline were not being used so this modification was swept into
+ the code as well.
+2001-08-30 Joel Sherrill <>
* src/coremutexseize.c: Add missing code for proper handling
of nesting acquisitions. This only impacts building with
inlines disabled on the source with the "fast mutex" optimizations.