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+2001-08-16 Mike Siers <>
+ * pppd/STATUS: Updated by Joel based upon email from Mike.
+ * pppd/cbcp.c, pppd/cbcp.h: Readded files. These support callback
+ functionality that has not even been compiled under RTEMS yet.
2001-08-16 Joel Sherrill <>
* pppd/example/Makefile: Removed.
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# $Id$
-This file needs to be redone to reflect tasks left after the 2.3.11
+Notes from Mike Siers <>
+I know that several users have tried out this version of
+pppd under RTEMS. It has been successfully used as both
+a client and server. Below are the only issues that I
+know of.
+1) Large packet ping causes RTEMS box to lock up
+ If you ping the RTEMS box over the ppp link with a packet
+ size greater than 1500, the RTEMS box locks up. I think
+ the problem is in the pppd ethernet driver.
+2) Upgrade the libnetworking/modem files
+ This upgrade did not modify the ppp ethernet driver files
+ in the libnetworking/modem directory. Would like to
+ upgrade these files. Hopefully, it will fix the large
+ packet ping problem.
+3) The files cbcp.c and cbcp.h provide a callback feature
+ that I have not tried to compile or use. The files in
+ this directory are identical to the 2.3.11 versions.
+ for completeness.
+JOEL: Are the modifications to the original pppd such that the
+ real maintainers will accept them?
+No. The pppd 2.3.11 branch is an old branch. The current
+version is 2.4.x and it contains alot of extra items that
+just did not make sense to have in an embedded environment.
+I could make the RTEMS changes compatible with the standard
+2.3.11 release by using compilation flags. I have not
+contacted the maintainers to see if they are interested.
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