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+# $Id$
+The location of the vectors file object is critical.
+From the comments at the head of vectors.S:
+ The issue with this file is getting it loaded at the right place.
+ The first vector MUST be at address 0x????0100.
+ How this is achieved is dependant on the tool chain.
+ The variable 'PPC_VECTOR_FILE_BASE' must be defined to be the
+ offset from 0x????0000 to the first location in the file. This
+ will be either 0x0000 or 0xfff0.
+The eth_comm BSP defines PPC_VECTOR_FILE_BASE to be 0x00000000.
+The MBX8xx BSP also defines PPC_VECTOR_FILE_BASE to be 0x00000000.
+Change these values to 0xFFF00000 if your are implementing an actual
+boot rom.