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@@ -13,28 +13,6 @@ The following persons/organizations have made contributions:
Scientific Association submitted the BSP and other miscellaneous support
for the Motorola MVME162 (M68040LC CPU) VMEbus single board computer.
-+ Greg Allen of Division Inc. of Chapel Hill, NC for
- porting RTEMS to HP-UX. This port treats a UNIX computer as simply
- another RTEMS target processor. This port can be used to develop
- and test code which will ultimately run on the embedded platform.
-+ Doug McBride ( of the Colorado Space Grant
- College at the University of Colorado at Boulder submitted the BSP
- for the Motorola IDP board (M68EC040 CPU) single board computer. The
- BSP leverages heavily off of the existing RTEMS BSP framework, the
- examples in the back of the IDP user's manual, and the libgloss example
- support for the IDP board from the newlib/libgloss distribution.
-+ Bryce Cogswell ( submitted the support for MS-DOS
- as a development environment as well as djgpp/go32 as a target environment.
-+ Andy Bray ( of I-CUBED Ltd. in Cambridge U.K.
- for porting RTEMS to the PowerPC. This effort included support for the
- IBM 403 as well as the Motorola 601, 603, and 604 variants. A special
- thanks to Dom Latter ( for being an RTEMS
- evangelist and promoting the use of RTEMS both at I-CUBED Ltd. as well
- as within the Internet community as a whole.
+ John S. Gwynne ( of Ohio State University
submitted the support for the Motorola MC68332 CPU as well as completing
the support for CPUs based on the MC68000 core. Although the BSPs for
@@ -64,9 +42,6 @@ The following persons/organizations have made contributions:
includes complete support for the R4650 as well as partial support
for the R4600.
-+ Erik Ivanenko ( of the University of Toronto
- for submitting the i386ex bsp.
+ Jiri Gaisler ( converted RTEMS to using GNU
autoconf. This effort is greatly appreciated.
@@ -96,33 +71,14 @@ The following persons/organizations have made contributions:
for the Hitachi SH port. His contributions are too many to list but
also include work on RPMs for RTEMS tools.
-+ Dario Alcocer <> submitted a port of the
- RTEMS port to FreeBSD.
+ David Fiddes <>, Rod Barman ( and
Stewart Kingdon ( submitted Motorola ColdFire
support. This work was supported in part by Real World Interface, Inc.
-+ Geoffroy Montel (, for CNET/DSM (Rennes, France),
- submitted the BSP for Motorola 68340/68349 based boards.
-+ Thomas Doerfler ( of IMD in
- Puchheim,Germany submitted some improvements to the PPC403
- support and added the helas403 BSP.
-+ Jay Monkman ( of Frasca International, Inc
- submitted the support for the Motorola MPC860 CPU including the
- 'eth_comm' BSP
+ Charles Gauthier <> of the Institute for
Information Technology for the National Research Council of Canada
submitted the Motorola MVME167 BSP.
-+ Tony Ambardar ( at the University of British Columbia
- ported RTEMS to the TS-1325 embedded PC from Technologic Systems
- (, and provided patches to enable software
- floating-point emulation for x86 targets.
+ Jay Kulpinski ( of General Dynamics Defense
Systems (Pittsfield, MA) submitted a board support package for the
Motorola MVME230x PowerPC family, borrowing from the PSIM and MPC750
@@ -147,10 +103,6 @@ The following persons/organizations have made contributions:
Technology for the National Research Council of Canada
submitted the RTEMS Cache Manager.
-+ Joel Sherrill <> and Jennifer Averett <>
- for the Texas Instruments C3x/C4x port and c4xsim BSP that works
- with the C3x/C4X instruction set simulator in gdb.
Finally, the RTEMS project would like to thank those who have contributed
to the other free software efforts which RTEMS utilizes. The primary RTEMS
development environment is from the Free Software Foundation (the GNU