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@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ RTEMS-specific option are supported:
--enable-libcdir=<DIRECTORY> (do not use if gcc 2.8 is enabled)
--enable-rtemsbsp="bsp1 bsp2 ..."
+ --enable-rdbg (only valid for pc386 BSP)
In addition, the following standard autoconf options are frequently
used when configuring RTEMS installations:
@@ -44,6 +45,11 @@ By default, the RTEMS networking support is built for targets which
support it. It can be specifically disabled for those targets
with the --disable-networking option.
+By default, the RTEMS remote debugger server support is not built.
+It can be specifically enabled for the targets that support it.
+with the --enable-rdbg option. NB : the RTEMS networking support
+must be enabled to support the remote debugger server.
By default, the RTEMS support of C++ is disabled. It can be enabled
with the --enable-cxx option. If the rtems++ C++ library is installed
it will also be build.