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Building RTEMS
-See the file README.configure.
-Many of the files found in this directory and its subdirectories
-are gzip'ed, tar archive files. These files have the ".tgz"
-extension. They were compressed with gzip version 1.2.4.
-Use a command sequence similar to the following to uncompress each
- gzcat FILE.tgz | tar xvof -
-where FILE.tgz is the file to be installed. This procedure will
-extract the files in the archive into the current directory.
-All of the .tgz files associated with this release RTEMS will
-place their contents in a subdirectory rtems-<release> in the current
-If you are unsure of what is in an RTEMS archive file, then use
-the following command sequence to get a listing of the contents:
- gzcat FILE.tgz | tar tvf -
-(1) The "-o" option to tar is included on the tar command line
- so that the user extracting the tar archive will own the extracted
- files.
-(2) gzcat is sometimes installed as zcat. Be warned that on many
- (most) UNIX machines, zcat is associated with compress (.Z files).
-(3) If you do not have gzip 1.2.4, it is available from numerous sites
- including this one. Other sites include and
-(4) The GNU archive files included in this distribution are packaged
- exactly like they are on official GNU ftp sites. When extracting
- GNU archives, they will not extract under a rtems-<version>
- directory. They will extract themselves under a directory which
- is the name and version of the tool in question. For example,
- gcc-2.5.8.tgz will extract its contents into the subdirectory
- gcc-2.5.8.
+See the documentation referred to in the README.