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+2011-10-31 Joel Sherrill <>
+ PR 1947/doc
+ * started/buildrt.t: Make note that native toolset is needed to
+ configure and build RTEMS.
2011-10-05 Joel Sherrill <>
Petr Benes <>
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@@ -156,6 +156,12 @@ disabled. Your application does not have to use networking but it must
be enabled. Thus the RTEMS configuration for a GNAT/RTEMS environment
MUST include the @code{--enable-posix --enable-networking} flag.
+@b{NOTE}: Building RTEMS requires that a few support programs be compiled
+natively. This means there must be a native toolchain installed on your
+development host. You will need to have a native compiler such as @i{gcc}
+or @i{cc} in your execution path. If you cannot compile, link and execute
+a native hello world program, then you will be unable to build RTEMS.
The following shows the command sequence required to configure,
compile, and install RTEMS with the POSIX API, FreeBSD TCP/IP,
and C++ support disabled. RTEMS will be built to target