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+2011-03-16 Jennifer Averett <>
+ PR 1743/cpu
+ * user/conf.t: Add Simple Priority Scheduler as complement to existing
+ Deterministic Priority Scheduler. This scheduler serves both as an
+ example and as a lighter weight implementation for smaller systems.
2011-03-04 Joel Sherrill <>
PR 1752/doc
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@@ -408,6 +408,16 @@ This scheduler requires a variable amount of memory based upon the number
of priorities configured in the system. This scheduler may be explicitly
selected by defining @code{CONFIGURE_SCHEDULER_PRIORITY}.
+@item Simple Priority Scheduler - This is an alternative scheduler
+in RTEMS. It is designed to provide the same task scheduling behaviour
+as the Deterministic Priority Scheduler while being simpler in implementation
+and uses less memory for data management. It maintains a single sorted list
+of all ready threads. Thus blocking or unblocking a thread is not a
+constant time operation with this scheduler. This scheduler is appropriate
+for use in small systems where RAM is limited. This scheduler may be explicitly
+selected by defining @code{CONFIGURE_SCHEDULER_SIMPLE}.
@end itemize
The pluggable scheduler interface was added after the 4.10 release series