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diff --git a/doc/user/userext.t b/doc/user/userext.t
index b73799a7ba..7bc150d2d3 100644
--- a/doc/user/userext.t
+++ b/doc/user/userext.t
@@ -56,15 +56,14 @@ following @value{STRUCTURE}:
typedef struct @{
- User_extensions_thread_create_extension thread_create;
- User_extensions_thread_start_extension thread_start;
- User_extensions_thread_restart_extension thread_restart;
- User_extensions_thread_delete_extension thread_delete;
- User_extensions_thread_switch_extension thread_switch;
- User_extensions_thread_post_switch_extension thread_post_switch;
- User_extensions_thread_begin_extension thread_begin;
- User_extensions_thread_exitted_extension thread_exitted;
- User_extensions_fatal_error_extension fatal;
+ rtems_task_create_extension thread_create;
+ rtems_task_start_extension thread_start;
+ rtems_task_restart_extension thread_restart;
+ rtems_task_delete_extension thread_delete;
+ rtems_task_switch_extension thread_switch;
+ rtems_task_begin_extension thread_begin;
+ rtems_task_exitted_extension thread_exitted;
+ rtems_fatal_extension fatal;
@} User_extensions_Table;
@end group
@end example
@@ -336,38 +335,6 @@ context has been saved, but before the heir_task context has
been restored. This extension should not call any RTEMS
-@subsection TASK_POST_SWITCH Extension
-The TASK_POST_SWITCH extension corresponds to a task
-context switch. If this extension is defined in any static or
-dynamic extension set and a raw task context switch has been
-completed, then the extension routine will automatically be
-invoked by RTEMS. The extension should have a prototype similar
-to the following:
-@ifset is-C
-rtems_extension user_task_post_switch(
- rtems_tcb *current_task
-@end example
-@end ifset
-@ifset is-Ada
-procedure User_Task_Post_Switch (
- Current_Task : in RTEMS.TCB_Pointer
-@end example
-@end ifset
-where current_task can be used to access the TCB for
-the task that is being swapped out, and heir_task can be used to
-access the TCB for the task being swapped in. This extension is
-invoked from RTEMS' dispatcher routine after the current_task
-context has been restored and the extension runs in the context
-of the current_task.
@subsection TASK_BEGIN Extension
The TASK_BEGIN extension is invoked when a task