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parentChanged rtems_isr_level to rtems_interrupt_level per Chris Johns' (diff)
Patch from Ralf Corsepius <> to fix bug report
from Eric Norum <>. This patch was rtems-19990820-0-diff from Ralf. FYI: In parallel to the transition to automake, RTEMS is on a transition from make-time configuration to per-bsp and per-bsp configuration at configuration-time. Due to this several changes to configuration files have been added and might have broken something that has been working previously. Most noticeable behavioral change is that you now are required to use @RTEMS_BSP@ instead of $(RTEMS_BSP) inside of any Makefile.ins which are configured or build as part of the source-tree. > It used to be that only RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH had to be set. Why is this > no longer sufficient? It should still be working, if it doesn't, it has to be considered to be broken and should be fixed. I am not sure, but I assume you are using - In this case, you have found a bug in which should be worked-around by the patch below. If my assumption is wrong, I would need more details ...
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