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tools: Remove shgen
All tools should be removed from the RTEMS source repository at some point in time. Tools with a BSD-style license will be moved to the RTEMS tools repository. Unfortunately, the shgen tool is GPL licensed. Remove all uses of this tool from the code base. Replace generated files with stub functions. If users of this BSP still exist, they can reimplement the functionality using a BSD-style license. Close #3443.
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-* Add support for more drivers to shgen !!!!
-* shgen relies on having a gnu-compatible getopt, which should be
- available on all hosts using gcc/egcs/binutils.
- Using other getopt-variants may produce faulty results or shgen may also
- refuse to compile. Probably the easiest solution to this problem would be
- to integrate libiberty into rtems.
-* shgen uses floating point mathematics. Therefore contains a
- reference to libm. In case the host doesn't have its floating point
- support in libm, shgen will fail to compile. If we should ever meet such
- a host, checks for floating point libraries have to be added to rtems'
- autoconf support.