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authorJoel Sherrill <>2006-08-15 21:02:55 +0000
committerJoel Sherrill <>2006-08-15 21:02:55 +0000
commit16fd5a99e1a8c433077e70c1a48e42cc01bf7d29 (patch)
tree72d3d6b2daa4c48f453ac18e32ab20fbaa11d92a /tools/cpu/nios2/ptf.h
parent2006-08-15 Joel Sherrill <> (diff)
2006-08-15 Kolja Waschk <>
* linkcmds.c, linkcmds.h, memory.c, memory.h, sample.ptf: New files. * bridges.c: corrected detection of bridged connections * clocks.c: removed a printf * linkcmds.[ch] new files, added output of linker script * added new files * memory.[ch]: new files, detection of memory in SOPC configuration * nios2gen.c: updated command line parsing and output control * output.[ch]: improved output of BSP header file * ptf.[ch]: added ptf_dump_ptf_item and small fixes * sample.ptf: new file, sample configuration for nios2gen * README: updated
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diff --git a/tools/cpu/nios2/ptf.h b/tools/cpu/nios2/ptf.h
index 50955cb4a5..3683b98163 100644
--- a/tools/cpu/nios2/ptf.h
+++ b/tools/cpu/nios2/ptf.h
@@ -40,8 +40,10 @@ struct ptf_item
typedef void (*ptf_match_action)(struct ptf_item *x, void *arg);
struct ptf *ptf_parse_file(char *filename);
+struct ptf *ptf_concat(struct ptf *a, struct ptf *b);
struct ptf *ptf_alloc_item(ptf_item_type t, char *name, char *value);
void ptf_printf(FILE *s, struct ptf *tree, char *prefix);
+void ptf_dump_ptf_item(FILE *s, struct ptf_item *pi);
struct ptf *ptf_find(
struct ptf *tree,