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parentA cleanup patch on fcntl.c from Eric Norum <> for (diff)
Incorporated automake I patch from Ralf Corsepius <>:
This is the first real automake patch. It adds automake support to c/build-tools and cleans up a few minor issues. I consider this to be a testing probe to examine problems with automake. Therefore, this patch is just a more or less harmless replacement of the former RTEMS Makefiles and I expect it not last for long. If you want to give automake Makefiles a public try and if you want/need to learn about problems with it, then it's about time for a new snapshot, IMO. I may have screwed up something not directly related to automake, but I expect very few (none to be precise) problems with automake. However, somebody should at least try building on Cygwin. If you feel a bit more adventureous, then I also can continue to submit more patches. [FYI: I still have a couple of automake files laying around, but they need some cleanup before being submitted as patches. Now, that I am just into it, I'll perhaps submit another one tonight :-] After applying this patch (patch -p1 -E < <path-to>/rtems-rc-19990318-0), first run the "autogen" script from the toplevel source directory, before committing to CVS. Be careful about dependencies between and Makefile.ins when cutting tarballs from CVS. Makefile.ins are required to be newer than Makefile.ams, otherwise users would need to have automake, autoconf and perl. Some people recommend to "touch" all after checkout from cvs (cf. egcs/contrib/egcs_update). ATTENTION: * This patch adds a number of new files. * remove aclocal/exeext.m4 and aclocal/cygwin.m4 from CVS, They are now covered by autoconf-2.13`s AC_EXEEXT. Some features/side-effects which are probably interesting for you: In a configured build-tree "cd c/build-tools", then try * "make RTEMS_BSP=<bsp> install" * "make RTEMS_BSP=<bsp> dist"
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@@ -0,0 +1,156 @@
+dnl aclocal.m4 generated automatically by aclocal 1.4
+dnl Copyright (C) 1994, 1995-8, 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+dnl This file is free software; the Free Software Foundation
+dnl gives unlimited permission to copy and/or distribute it,
+dnl with or without modifications, as long as this notice is preserved.
+dnl This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+dnl but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law; without
+dnl even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
+dnl $Id$
+# Do all the work for Automake. This macro actually does too much --
+# some checks are only needed if your package does certain things.
+# But this isn't really a big deal.
+# serial 1
+dnl Usage:
+dnl AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(package,version, [no-define])
+dnl test to see if srcdir already configured
+if test "`cd $srcdir && pwd`" != "`pwd`" && test -f $srcdir/config.status; then
+ AC_MSG_ERROR([source directory already configured; run "make distclean" there first])
+AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(VERSION, "$VERSION", [Version number of package]))
+dnl FIXME This is truly gross.
+missing_dir=`cd $ac_aux_dir && pwd`
+AM_MISSING_PROG(ACLOCAL, aclocal, $missing_dir)
+AM_MISSING_PROG(AUTOCONF, autoconf, $missing_dir)
+AM_MISSING_PROG(AUTOMAKE, automake, $missing_dir)
+AM_MISSING_PROG(AUTOHEADER, autoheader, $missing_dir)
+AM_MISSING_PROG(MAKEINFO, makeinfo, $missing_dir)
+# Check to make sure that the build environment is sane.
+[AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether build environment is sane])
+# Just in case
+sleep 1
+echo timestamp > conftestfile
+# Do `set' in a subshell so we don't clobber the current shell's
+# arguments. Must try -L first in case configure is actually a
+# symlink; some systems play weird games with the mod time of symlinks
+# (eg FreeBSD returns the mod time of the symlink's containing
+# directory).
+if (
+ set X `ls -Lt $srcdir/configure conftestfile 2> /dev/null`
+ if test "[$]*" = "X"; then
+ # -L didn't work.
+ set X `ls -t $srcdir/configure conftestfile`
+ fi
+ if test "[$]*" != "X $srcdir/configure conftestfile" \
+ && test "[$]*" != "X conftestfile $srcdir/configure"; then
+ # If neither matched, then we have a broken ls. This can happen
+ # if, for instance, CONFIG_SHELL is bash and it inherits a
+ # broken ls alias from the environment. This has actually
+ # happened. Such a system could not be considered "sane".
+ AC_MSG_ERROR([ls -t appears to fail. Make sure there is not a broken
+alias in your environment])
+ fi
+ test "[$]2" = conftestfile
+ )
+ # Ok.
+ :
+ AC_MSG_ERROR([newly created file is older than distributed files!
+Check your system clock])
+rm -f conftest*
+dnl The program must properly implement --version.
+[AC_MSG_CHECKING(for working $2)
+# Run test in a subshell; some versions of sh will print an error if
+# an executable is not found, even if stderr is redirected.
+# Redirect stdin to placate older versions of autoconf. Sigh.
+if ($2 --version) < /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&1; then
+ $1=$2
+ AC_MSG_RESULT(found)
+ $1="$3/missing $2"
+ AC_MSG_RESULT(missing)
+dnl $Id$
+dnl NOTE: prefer bash over ksh over sh
+AC_PATH_PROGS(KSH,bash ksh sh)
+if test -z "$KSH"; then
+dnl NOTE: This cannot happen -- /bin/sh must always exist
+[ Cannot determine a usable shell bash/ksh/sh]
+[ Please contact your system administrator] );
+# Like AC_CONFIG_HEADER, but automatically create stamp file.
+dnl When config.status generates a header, we must update the stamp-h file.
+dnl This file resides in the same directory as the config header
+dnl that is generated. We must strip everything past the first ":",
+dnl and everything past the last "/".
+ifelse(patsubst(<<$1>>, <<[^ ]>>, <<>>), <<>>,
+<<test -z "<<$>>CONFIG_HEADERS" || echo timestamp > patsubst(<<$1>>, <<^\([^:]*/\)?.*>>, <<\1>>)stamp-h<<>>dnl>>,
+for am_file in <<$1>>; do
+ case " <<$>>CONFIG_HEADERS " in
+ *" <<$>>am_file "*<<)>>
+ echo timestamp > `echo <<$>>am_file | sed -e 's%:.*%%' -e 's%[^/]*$%%'`stamp-h$am_indx
+ ;;
+ esac
+ am_indx=`expr "<<$>>am_indx" + 1`