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api: Remove deprecated Notepads
Notepads where a feature of RTEMS' tasks that simply functioned in the same way as POSIX keys or threaded local storage (TLS). They were introduced well before per task variables, which are also deprecated, and were barely used in favor of their POSIX alternatives. In addition to their scarce usage, Notepads took up unnecessary memory. For each task: - 16 32-bit integers were allocated. - A total of 64 bytes per task per thread. This is especially critical in low memory and safety-critical applications. They are also defined as uint32_t, and therefore are not guaranteed to hold a pointer. Lastly, they are not portable solutions for SMP and uniprocessor systems, like POSIX keys and TLS. updates #2493.
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ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I ../aclocal
-_SUBDIRS = mp01 mp02 mp03 mp04 mp05 mp06 mp07 mp08 mp09 mp10 mp11 mp12 mp13 \
+_SUBDIRS = mp01 mp03 mp04 mp05 mp06 mp07 mp08 mp09 mp10 mp11 mp12 mp13 \
include $(top_srcdir)/../automake/