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parentsparc: Move ISR handler install routines (diff)
sparc: More reliable bad trap handling
Statically initialize the trap table in start.S to jump to _SPARC_Bad_trap() for all unexpected traps. This enables a proper RTEMS fatal error handling right from the start. Do not rely on the stack and register settings which caused an unexpected trap. Use the ISR stack of the processor to do the fatal error handling. Save the full context which caused the trap. Fatal error handler may use it for error logging. Unify the _CPU_Exception_frame_print() implementations and move it to cpukit. Update #4459.
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diff --git a/spec/build/cpukit/cpusparc.yml b/spec/build/cpukit/cpusparc.yml
index 10dabed494..2186505577 100644
--- a/spec/build/cpukit/cpusparc.yml
+++ b/spec/build/cpukit/cpusparc.yml
@@ -34,9 +34,11 @@ source:
- cpukit/score/cpu/sparc/cpu.c
- cpukit/score/cpu/sparc/cpu_asm.S
- cpukit/score/cpu/sparc/sparc-access.S
+- cpukit/score/cpu/sparc/sparc-bad-trap.S
- cpukit/score/cpu/sparc/sparc-context-validate.S
- cpukit/score/cpu/sparc/sparc-context-volatile-clobber.S
- cpukit/score/cpu/sparc/sparc-counter-asm.S
+- cpukit/score/cpu/sparc/sparc-exception-frame-print.c
- cpukit/score/cpu/sparc/sparc-isr-install.c
- cpukit/score/cpu/sparc/syscall.S
- cpukit/score/cpu/sparc/window.S