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Patch from David Fiddes <> which adds basic
Cygwin support to the RPM scripts. The patch from David did not apply cleanly and Joel ended up making all the modifications plus some it should have included for consistency by hand. His comments: I've included a diff against the last (19991203) snapshot RPM scripts that adds what I think is required for Cygwin support. Basically all this boils down to is adding EXE extension support. I've added the AC_EXEEXT rule to (requires a valid 'cc' to work - this is not available in the standard Cygwin distro). Each of the * have @exe_ext@ includes in them for each program that results in an EXE. The only odity here is that the chill driver program is a shell script and thus does not require .exe to be added... The mk*.in have all been updated to process the new exe_ext rule.
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