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authorJoel Sherrill <>2000-07-11 19:31:04 +0000
committerJoel Sherrill <>2000-07-11 19:31:04 +0000
commitbc85fd5a6df8753543ba55c98a588e255471752b (patch)
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Reworked score/cpu/i960 so it can be safely compiled multilib. All
routines and structures that require CPU model specific information are now in libcpu. This required significant rework of the score/cpu header files and the creation of multiple header files and subdirectories in libcpu/i960.
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diff --git a/make/custom/i960sim.cfg b/make/custom/i960sim.cfg
index 05b5cd969e..3e28aa2a45 100644
--- a/make/custom/i960sim.cfg
+++ b/make/custom/i960sim.cfg
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
include $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/custom/default.cfg
# This is the actual bsp directory used during the build process.
diff --git a/make/custom/rxgen960.cfg b/make/custom/rxgen960.cfg
index 09f0977dc8..235970c682 100644
--- a/make/custom/rxgen960.cfg
+++ b/make/custom/rxgen960.cfg
@@ -15,7 +15,8 @@ RTEMS_BSP_FAMILY=rxgen960
# This contains the compiler options necessary to select the CPU model
# and (hopefully) optimize for it.
-CPU_CFLAGS = -mrp -D__i960RP__ -D__i960_RP__
+# CPU_CFLAGS = -mrp -D__i960RP__ -D__i960_RP__
+CPU_CFLAGS = -mrp
# -pipe does not work in our local configuration of FSF GCC 2.6.0
# configured on top of Intel Release 2.4. We did this to replace