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parentPatch from Erik Ivanenko <> to correct 32 bit (diff)
Fix based on bug report from Jay Kulpinski <>
that the per task reentrancy structure was not being processed properly during exit(). wrote: > > > This is always an ugly place to poke around. :( > > The code in newlib/libc/stdlib/exit.c walks the atexit chain for the > reentrancy structure for JUST the current task. The code in libc_wrapup() > does it for both the current task and the global reentrancy structure > (which tends to be where driver atexit()'s were registered. > > So I think the _wrapup_reent(0) in libc_wrapup() should be commented out. > > If you concur, then I will make the change and improve the comment on this > line of code to explain things: > > libc_wrapup(); /* Why? XXX */ > > --joel That does the job. cdtest.exe works correctly now.
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