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New files from John Cotton <> and Charles-Antoine
Gauthier <>. The power supply in their VMEbus cage died so it was submitted at this point. It passes ttcp which is a really good sign but they would like to do more testing and cleanup once their hardware is functional again. Please contact them if you are interested in using or fixing this driver. As their comments indicate, the performance is actually quite good even at this point as indicated by the ttcp results. Please note that this is by no means a final version. The code is still fairly ugly, and will require some further fixing. On the bright side, what is attached works. I finally ran the test programs successfully with optimized code and data cache enabled: netdemos worked, but failed on the UDP transfer (runs out of buffers). ttcp worked, with something like 1036 KB/sec Rx, 952 KB/sec Tx. tftp worked
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