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Added rtems_task_variable_get from Eric Norum.
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@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ by the task manager are:
@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_delete} - Delete a task
@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_suspend} - Suspend a task
@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_resume} - Resume a task
-@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_is_suspended} - Determine if a task is Suspended
+@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_is_suspended} - Determine if a task is suspended
@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_set_priority} - Set task priority
@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_mode} - Change current task's mode
@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_get_note} - Get task notepad entry
@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ by the task manager are:
@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_wake_after} - Wake up after interval
@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_wake_when} - Wake up when specified
@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_variable_add} - Associate per task variable
+@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_variable_add} - Obtain value of a a per task variable
@item @code{@value{DIRPREFIX}task_variable_delete} - Remove per task variable
@end itemize
@@ -1636,6 +1637,52 @@ In this case the destructor function could be `free'.
+@subsection TASK_VARIABLE_GET - Obtain value of a per task variable
+@cindex get per-task variable
+@cindex obtain per-task variable
+@subheading CALLING SEQUENCE:
+@ifset is-C
+@findex rtems_task_variable_get
+rtems_status_code rtems_task_variable_get(
+ rtems_id tid,
+ void **ptr,
+ void **result
+@end example
+@end ifset
+@ifset is-Ada
+procedure Task_Variable_Delete (
+ Id : in RTEMS.ID;
+ Ptr : in RTEMS.Address;
+ Value : out RTEMS.Address;
+ Result : out RTEMS.Status_Codes
+@end example
+@end ifset
+@code{@value{RPREFIX}SUCCESSFUL} - per task variable added successfully@*
+@code{@value{RPREFIX}INVALID_ID} - invalid task id@*
+@code{@value{RPREFIX}NO_MEMORY} - invalid task id@*
+@code{@value{RPREFIX}ILLEGAL_ON_REMOTE_OBJECT} - not supported on remote tasks@*
+@subheading DESCRIPTION:
+This directive looks up the private value of a task variable for a
+specified task and stores that value in the location pointed to by
+the result argument. The specified task is usually not the calling
+task, which can get its private value by directly accessing the variable.
+@subheading NOTES:
@subsection TASK_VARIABLE_DELETE - Remove per task variable
@cindex per-task variable