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@@ -141,6 +141,9 @@ project dependent application code and the target hardware.
Most hardware dependencies for real-time applications can be
localized to the low level device drivers.
+@float Figure,fig:RTEMS-App-Arch
+@caption{RTEMS Application Architecture}
@ifset use-ascii
@@ -214,6 +217,7 @@ localized to the low level device drivers.
<IMG SRC="rtemsarc.png" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=300 ALT="RTEMS Application Architecture">
@end html
@end ifset
+@end float
The RTEMS I/O interface manager provides an efficient tool for incorporating
these hardware dependencies into the system while simultaneously
@@ -236,6 +240,9 @@ Together these components provide a powerful run time
environment that promotes the development of efficient real-time
application systems. The following figure illustrates this organization:
+@float Figure,fig:rtems-layers
+@caption{RTEMS Layered Architecture}
@ifset use-ascii
@@ -251,28 +258,18 @@ application systems. The following figure illustrates this organization:
@end ifset
@ifset use-tex
-@c for now use the ascii version
-@c @example
-@c @group
-@c +-----------------------------------------------+
-@c | RTEMS Executive Interface |
-@c +-----------------------------------------------+
-@c | RTEMS Core |
-@c +-----------------------------------------------+
-@c | CPU Dependent Code |
-@c +-----------------------------------------------+
-@c @end group
-@c @end example
+@center{@image{rtemspie,4in,3in, RTEMS Layered Architecture}}
@end tex
@end ifset
@ifset use-html
-<IMG SRC="rtemspie.png" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=300 ALT="RTEMS Architecture">
+<IMG SRC="rtemspie.png" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=300 ALT="RTEMS Layered Architecture">
@end html
@end ifset
+@end float
Subsequent chapters present a detailed description of the capabilities
provided by each of the following RTEMS managers: