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Changed bitwise OR's used to build up option and attribute sets
to be correct in either C or Ada. Added the interrupt disable, enable, flash, and is in progress directives. changed "97" to "1997"
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@end itemize
This manual describes the usage of RTEMS for
-applications written in the @value{RTEMS-LANGUAGE} programming language. Those
+applications written in the @value{LANGUAGE} programming language. Those
implementation details that are processor dependent are provided
in the Applications Supplement documents. A supplement
document which addresses specific architectural issues that
@@ -409,8 +409,8 @@ software developers. Although some background is provided, it
is assumed that the reader is familiar with the concepts of task
management as well as intertask communication and
synchronization. Since directives, user related data
-structures, and examples are presented in @value{RTEMS-LANGUAGE}, a basic
-understanding of the @value{RTEMS-LANGUAGE} programming language
+structures, and examples are presented in @value{LANGUAGE}, a basic
+understanding of the @value{LANGUAGE} programming language
is required to fully
understand the material presented. However, because of the
similarity of the Ada and C RTEMS implementations, users will