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@c Figure 1-2 RTEMS Internal Architecture
-@node Overview, Overview Introduction, Preface, Top
-@end ifinfo
@chapter Overview
-* Overview Introduction::
-* Overview Real-time Application Systems::
-* Overview Real-time Executive::
-* Overview RTEMS Application Architecture::
-* Overview RTEMS Internal Architecture::
-* Overview User Customization and Extensibility::
-* Overview Portability::
-* Overview Memory Requirements::
-* Overview Audience::
-* Overview Conventions::
-* Overview Manual Organization::
-@end menu
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-@node Overview Introduction, Overview Real-time Application Systems, Overview, Overview
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@section Introduction
RTEMS, Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems, is a
@@ -63,9 +42,6 @@ document which addresses specific architectural issues that
affect RTEMS is provided for each processor type that is
-@node Overview Real-time Application Systems, Overview Real-time Executive, Overview Introduction, Overview
-@end ifinfo
@section Real-time Application Systems
Real-time application systems are a special class of
@@ -108,9 +84,6 @@ must be shared between competing processors are introduced. The
ramifications of multiple processors complicate each and every
characteristic of a real-time system.
-@node Overview Real-time Executive, Overview RTEMS Application Architecture, Overview Real-time Application Systems, Overview
-@end ifinfo
@section Real-time Executive
Fortunately, real-time operating systems or real-time
@@ -159,9 +132,6 @@ the application. By using standard software components, the
time and cost required to develop sophisticated real-time
applications is significantly reduced.
-@node Overview RTEMS Application Architecture, Overview RTEMS Internal Architecture, Overview Real-time Executive, Overview
-@end ifinfo
@section RTEMS Application Architecture
One important design goal of RTEMS was to provide a
@@ -252,9 +222,6 @@ real-time projects.
@end html
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-@node Overview RTEMS Internal Architecture, Overview User Customization and Extensibility, Overview RTEMS Application Architecture, Overview
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@section RTEMS Internal Architecture
RTEMS can be viewed as a set of layered components that work in
@@ -327,9 +294,6 @@ provided by each of the following RTEMS managers:
@item multiprocessing
@end itemize
-@node Overview User Customization and Extensibility, Overview Portability, Overview RTEMS Internal Architecture, Overview
-@end ifinfo
@section User Customization and Extensibility
As thirty-two bit microprocessors have decreased in
@@ -350,9 +314,6 @@ integrated with RTEMS. The customization and extensibility
features allow RTEMS to efficiently support as many environments
as possible.
-@node Overview Portability, Overview Memory Requirements, Overview User Customization and Extensibility, Overview
-@end ifinfo
@section Portability
The issue of portability was the major factor in the
@@ -363,9 +324,6 @@ processor. The use of RTEMS allows the development of real-time
applications which can be completely independent of a particular
microprocessor architecture.
-@node Overview Memory Requirements, Overview Audience, Overview Portability, Overview
-@end ifinfo
@section Memory Requirements
Since memory is a critical resource in many real-time
@@ -401,9 +359,6 @@ RTEMS utilizes memory for both code and data space.
Although RTEMS' data space must be in RAM, its code space can be
located in either ROM or RAM.
-@node Overview Audience, Overview Conventions, Overview Memory Requirements, Overview
-@end ifinfo
@section Audience
This manual was written for experienced real-time
@@ -425,9 +380,6 @@ features are interrelated. Experienced RTEMS users will find
that the manual organization facilitates its use as a reference
-@node Overview Conventions, Overview Manual Organization, Overview Audience, Overview
-@end ifinfo
@section Conventions
The following conventions are used in this manual:
@@ -450,9 +402,6 @@ the number is in hexadecimal format. Any other numbers are
assumed to be in decimal format.
@end itemize
-@node Overview Manual Organization, Key Concepts, Overview Conventions, Overview
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@section Manual Organization
This first chapter has presented the introductory and