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This manual describes the usage of RTEMS for
applications written in the @value{RTEMS-LANGUAGE} programming language. Those
implementation details that are processor dependent are provided
-in the C Applications Supplement documents. A supplement
+in the Applications Supplement documents. A supplement
document which addresses specific architectural issues that
affect RTEMS is provided for each processor type that is
@@ -374,7 +374,7 @@ RTEMS to most efficiently meet system requirements while still
satisfying even the most stringent memory constraints. As a
result, the size of the RTEMS executive is application
dependent. A worksheet is provided in the Memory Requirements
-chapter of the C Applications Supplement document for a specific
+chapter of the Applications Supplement document for a specific
target processor. The worksheet is used to calculate the memory
requirements of a custom RTEMS run-time environment. The
following managers may be optionally excluded: