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+@c COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-1998.
+@c On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
+@c All rights reserved.
+@c $Id$
+@chapter Board Support Packages
+@section Introduction
+An RTEMS Board Support Package (BSP) must be designed
+to support a particular processor and target board combination.
+This chapter presents a discussion of XXX specific BSP
+issues. For more information on developing a BSP, refer to the
+chapter titled Board Support Packages in the RTEMS
+Applications User's Guide.
+@section System Reset
+An RTEMS based application is initiated or
+re-initiated when the XXX processor is reset. When the
+XXX is reset, the processor performs the following actions:
+@itemize @bullet
+@item The tracing bits of the status register are cleared to
+disable tracing.
+@item The supervisor interrupt state is entered by setting the
+supervisor (S) bit and clearing the master/interrupt (M) bit of
+the status register.
+@item The interrupt mask of the status register is set to
+level 7 to effectively disable all maskable interrupts.
+@item The vector base register (VBR) is set to zero.
+@item The cache control register (CACR) is set to zero to
+disable and freeze the processor cache.
+@item The interrupt stack pointer (ISP) is set to the value
+stored at vector 0 (bytes 0-3) of the exception vector table
+@item The program counter (PC) is set to the value stored at
+vector 1 (bytes 4-7) of the EVT.
+@item The processor begins execution at the address stored in
+the PC.
+@end itemize
+@section Processor Initialization
+The address of the application's initialization code
+should be stored in the first vector of the EVT which will allow
+the immediate vectoring to the application code. If the
+application requires that the VBR be some value besides zero,
+then it should be set to the required value at this point. All
+tasks share the same XXX's VBR value. Because interrupts
+are enabled automatically by RTEMS as part of the initialize
+executive directive, the VBR MUST be set before this directive
+is invoked to insure correct interrupt vectoring. If processor
+caching is to be utilized, then it should be enabled during the
+reset application initialization code.
+In addition to the requirements described in the
+Board Support Packages chapter of the Applications User's
+Manual for the reset code which is executed before the call to
+initialize executive, the XXX version has the following
+specific requirements:
+@itemize @bullet
+@item Must leave the S bit of the status register set so that
+the XXX remains in the supervisor state.
+@item Must set the M bit of the status register to remove the
+XXX from the interrupt state.
+@item Must set the master stack pointer (MSP) such that a
+minimum stack size of MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE bytes is provided for
+the initialize executive directive.
+@item Must initialize the XXX's vector table.
+@end itemize
+Note that the BSP is not responsible for allocating
+or installing the interrupt stack. RTEMS does this
+automatically as part of initialization. If the BSP does not
+install an interrupt stack and -- for whatever reason -- an
+interrupt occurs before initialize_executive is invoked, then
+the results are unpredictable.
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@include memmodel.texi
@include intr.texi
@include fatalerr.texi
-@c @include bsp.texi
+@include bsp.texi
@c @include cputable.texi
@c @include wksheets.texi
@c @include ../../common/timing.texi
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* Memory Model::
* Interrupt Processing::
* Default Fatal Error Processing::
-** Board Support Packages::
+* Board Support Packages::
** Processor Dependent Information Table::
** Memory Requirements::
** Timing Specification::