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2001-01-16 Joel Sherrill <>
* Added task-based timers to the Timer Manager. This added three new directives: - rtems_timer_initiate_server - rtems_timer_server_fire_after - rtems_timer_server_fire_when In the process of doing this, a number of cleanups were made. * src/timerserver.c, src/timerserverfireafter.c, src/timerserverfirewhen.c: New files. * include/timer/timer.h: Added new prototypes and supporting types. * inline/rtems/rtems/timer.h, macros/rtems/rtems/timer.h: Enhanced _Timer_Is_interval_class() to cover the class TIMER_INTERVAL_ON_TASK. * src/ Accounted for new files. * src/rtemstimer.c: Added initialization of _Timer_Server variable. * src/timercancel.c, src/timerreset.c: Account for addition of timer classes. Also corrected the headers. * src/timercreate.c, src/timerdelete.c, src/timerfireafter.c, src/timerfireafter.c, src/timerident.c: Corrected header.
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