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-@c COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-2002.
-@c On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
-@c All rights reserved.
-@c $Id$
-@chapter Processor Dependent Information Table
-@section Introduction
-Any highly processor dependent information required
-to describe a processor to RTEMS is provided in the CPU
-Dependent Information Table. This table is not required for all
-processors supported by RTEMS. This chapter describes the
-contents, if any, for a particular processor type.
-@section CPU Dependent Information Table
-The XXX version of the RTEMS CPU Dependent
-Information Table contains the information required to interface
-a Board Support Package and RTEMS on the XXX. This
-information is provided to allow RTEMS to interoperate
-effectively with the BSP. The C structure definition is given
-typedef struct @{
- void (*pretasking_hook)( void );
- void (*predriver_hook)( void );
- void (*postdriver_hook)( void );
- void (*idle_task)( void );
- boolean do_zero_of_workspace;
- unsigned32 idle_task_stack_size;
- unsigned32 interrupt_stack_size;
- unsigned32 extra_mpci_receive_server_stack;
- void * (*stack_allocate_hook)( unsigned32 );
- void (*stack_free_hook)( void* );
- /* end of fields required on all CPUs */
- /* XXX CPU family dependent stuff */
-@} rtems_cpu_table;
-@end group
-@end example
-@table @code
-@item pretasking_hook
-is the address of the user provided routine which is invoked
-once RTEMS APIs are initialized. This routine will be invoked
-before any system tasks are created. Interrupts are disabled.
-This field may be NULL to indicate that the hook is not utilized.
-@item predriver_hook
-is the address of the user provided
-routine that is invoked immediately before the
-the device drivers and MPCI are initialized. RTEMS
-initialization is complete but interrupts and tasking are disabled.
-This field may be NULL to indicate that the hook is not utilized.
-@item postdriver_hook
-is the address of the user provided
-routine that is invoked immediately after the
-the device drivers and MPCI are initialized. RTEMS
-initialization is complete but interrupts and tasking are disabled.
-This field may be NULL to indicate that the hook is not utilized.
-@item idle_task
-is the address of the optional user
-provided routine which is used as the system's IDLE task. If
-this field is not NULL, then the RTEMS default IDLE task is not
-used. This field may be NULL to indicate that the default IDLE
-is to be used.
-@item do_zero_of_workspace
-indicates whether RTEMS should
-zero the Workspace as part of its initialization. If set to
-TRUE, the Workspace is zeroed. Otherwise, it is not.
-@item idle_task_stack_size
-is the size of the RTEMS idle task stack in bytes.
-If this number is less than MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE, then the
-idle task's stack will be MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE in byte.
-@item interrupt_stack_size
-is the size of the RTEMS
-allocated interrupt stack in bytes. This value must be at least
-as large as MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE.
-@item extra_mpci_receive_server_stack
-is the extra stack space allocated for the RTEMS MPCI receive server task
-in bytes. The MPCI receive server may invoke nearly all directives and
-may require extra stack space on some targets.
-@item stack_allocate_hook
-is the address of the optional user provided routine which allocates
-memory for task stacks. If this hook is not NULL, then a stack_free_hook
-must be provided as well.
-@item stack_free_hook
-is the address of the optional user provided routine which frees
-memory for task stacks. If this hook is not NULL, then a stack_allocate_hook
-must be provided as well.
-@item XXX
-is where the CPU family dependent stuff goes.
-@end table