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Patch rtemsdoc-4.5.0-rc-3.diff from Ralf Corsepius <>:
It addresses: * .cvsignore (only minor changes to yours, as they were pretty clean, most changes result from my mkcvsignore script being overly pedantic sorting entries alphabetically.) * timing.t handling and time<BSP>_.texi handling in supplements * network.t handling in bsp_howto * RTEMS_DATE and RTEMS_UPDATE handling in [It actually is a hack, as we could apply automake's version.texi handling instead - I know think to understand what automake does with it.] * avoid using temporary files; Therefore a new tool called bmenu2, derived from bemenu, is introduced, which reads a single file from stdin and writes to stdio. To apply: cd rtemsdoc patch -p1 < rtemsdoc-4.5.0-rc-3.diff cvs rm -f bsp_howto/network.t cvs add tools/bmenu/bmenu2.c ./bootstrap BTW: word-replace now is unused. It could be removed if you like to.
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+++ b/doc/supplements/template/
@@ -85,31 +85,26 @@ CLEANFILES += wksheets.t
# 3. Build Node Structure
timing.texi: $(top_srcdir)/common/timing.t
- cp $(top_srcdir)/common/timing.t timing.t
- $(BMENU) -p "Memory Requirements RTEMS RAM Workspace Worksheet" \
+ $(BMENU2) -p "Memory Requirements RTEMS RAM Workspace Worksheet" \
-u "Top" \
- -n "MYBSP Timing Data" timing.t
-CLEANFILES += timing.t
+ -n "MYBSP Timing Data" < $< > $@
# Timing Data for BSP BSP Chapter:
# 1. Copy the Shared File
# 2. Replace Times and Sizes
# 3. Build Node Structure
-timeBSP_.t: $(top_srcdir)/common/timetbl.t timeBSP.t
+timeBSP.texi: $(top_srcdir)/common/timetbl.t timeBSP.t
cat timeBSP.t $(top_srcdir)/common/timetbl.t >timeBSP_.t
@echo >>timeBSP_.t
@echo "@tex" >>timeBSP_.t
@echo "\\global\\advance \\smallskipamount by 4pt" >>timeBSP_.t
@echo "@end tex" >>timeBSP_.t
- ${REPLACE} -p BSP_TIMES timeBSP_.t
- mv timeBSP_.t.fixed timeBSP_.t
-timeBSP.texi: timeBSP_.t
+ ${REPLACE2} -p BSP_TIMES timeBSP_.t timeBSP_.t
$(BMENU) -p "Timing Specification Terminology" \
-u "Top" \
-n "Command and Variable Index" timeBSP_.t
mv timeBSP_.texi timeBSP.texi
+CLEANFILES += timeBSP_.t timeBSP_.texi