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-@chapter CVME961 Timing Data
-NOTE: The CVME961 board used by the RTEMS Project to
-obtain i960CA times is currently broken. The information in
-this chapter was obtained using Release 3.2.1.
-@section Introduction
-The timing data for the i960CA version of RTEMS is
-provided along with the target dependent aspects concerning the
-gathering of the timing data. The hardware platform used to
-gather the times is described to give the reader a better
-understanding of each directive time provided. Also, provided
-is a description of the interrupt latency and the context
-switch times as they pertain to the i960CA version of RTEMS.
-@section Hardware Platform
-All times reported except for the maximum period
-interrupts are disabled by RTEMS were measured using a Cyclone
-Microsystems CVME961 board. The CVME961 is a 33 Mhz board with
-dynamic RAM which has two wait state dynamic memory (four CPU
-cycles) for read accesses and one wait state (two CPU cycles)
-for write accesses. The Z8536 on a SQUALL SQSIO4 mezzanine
-board was used to measure elapsed time with one-half microsecond
-resolution. All sources of hardware interrupts are disabled,
-although the interrupt level of the i960CA allows all interrupts.
-The maximum interrupt disable period was measured by
-summing the number of CPU cycles required by each assembly
-language instruction executed while interrupts were disabled.
-Zero wait state memory was assumed. The total CPU cycles
-executed with interrupts disabled, including the instructions to
-disable and enable interrupts, was divided by 33 to simulate a
-i960CA executing at 33 Mhz with zero wait states.
-@section Interrupt Latency
-The maximum period with interrupts disabled within
-RTEMS is less than
-RTEMS_MAXIMUM_DISABLE_PERIOD microseconds including the instructions
-which disable and re-enable interrupts. The time required for
-the i960CA to generate an interrupt using the sysctl
-instruction, vectoring to an interrupt handler, and for the
-RTEMS entry overhead before invoking the user's interrupt
-microseconds. These combine to yield
-a worst case interrupt latency of less than
-microseconds. [NOTE: The maximum period with interrupts
-disabled within RTEMS was last calculated for Release
-It should be noted again that the maximum period with
-interrupts disabled within RTEMS is hand-timed. The interrupt
-vector and entry overhead time was generated on the Cyclone
-CVME961 benchmark platform using the sysctl instruction as the
-interrupt source.
-@section Context Switch
-The RTEMS processor context switch time is RTEMS_NO_FP_CONTEXTS
-microseconds on the Cyclone CVME961 benchmark platform. This
-time represents the raw context switch time with no user
-extensions configured. Additional execution time is required
-when a TSWITCH user extension is configured. The use of the
-TSWITCH extension is application dependent. Thus, its execution
-time is not considered part of the base context switch time.
-The CVME961 has no hardware floating point capability
-and floating point tasks are not supported.
-The following table summarizes the context switch
-times for the CVME961 benchmark platform: