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@@ -19,10 +19,7 @@ and Solaris. These are packaged in the following formats:
RPM is an acronym for the RPM Package Manager. RPM is the
native package installer for many Linux distributions including
-RedHat and SuSE.
-@c RPM supports other operating systems including
-@c Cygwin. @uref{,David Fiddes <>}
-@c did the initial groundwork that lead to Cygwin RPMs being available.
+RedHat, SuSE, and Fedora.
The prebuilt binaries are intended to be easy to install and
the instructions are similar regardless of the host environment.
@@ -38,9 +35,10 @@ Some packaging formats enforce this dependency.
across all target architectures. These are referred to as
"base" packages.
-@item If buildable for a particular CPU, RPMs are provided for
-Ada (gnat), Chill, Java (gcj), Fortran (g77), and Objective-C (objc).
-These binaries are strictly optional.
+@item Depending upon the version of GCC as well as the development
+host and target CPU combination, pre-built supplemental packages may
+be provided for Ada (gnat), Chill, Java (gcj), Fortran (g77), and
+Objective-C (objc). These binaries are strictly optional.
@end enumerate
@@ -106,22 +104,37 @@ RPM will complain about not being able to remove everything.
@section Zipped Tar Files
This section provides information on installing and removing
-Zipped Tar Files (.tgz).
+Zipped Tar Files (e.g .tar.gz or .tar.bz2).
@subsection Installing Zipped Tar Files
The following is a sample session illustrating the installation
of a C/C++ toolset targeting the SPARC architecture assuming
-that GNU tar is installed as @code{tar}:
+that GNU tar is installed as @code{tar} for a set of archive
+files compressed with GNU Zip (gzip):
cd /
-tar xzf rtems-base-binutils-@value{BINUTILSVERSION}-@value{BINUTILSRPMRELEASE}.tgz
-tar xzf sparc-rtems-binutils-@value{BINUTILSVERSION}-@value{BINUTILSRPMRELEASE}.tgz
-tar xzf rtems-base-gcc-gcc@value{GCCVERSION}newlib@value{NEWLIBVERSION}-@value{GCCRPMRELEASE}.tgz
-tar xzf sparc-rtems-gcc-gcc@value{GCCVERSION}newlib@value{NEWLIBVERSION}-@value{GCCRPMRELEASE}.tgz
-tar xzf rtems-base-gdb-@value{GDBVERSION}-@value{GDBRPMRELEASE}.tgz
-tar xzf sparc-rtems-gdb-@value{GDBVERSION}-@value{GDBRPMRELEASE}.tgz
+tar xzf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}rtems-base-binutils-@value{BINUTILSVERSION}-@value{BINUTILSRPMRELEASE}.tar.gz
+tar xzf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}sparc-rtems-binutils-@value{BINUTILSVERSION}-@value{BINUTILSRPMRELEASE}.tar.gz
+tar xzf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}rtems-base-gcc-gcc@value{GCCVERSION}newlib@value{NEWLIBVERSION}-@value{GCCRPMRELEASE}.tar.gz
+tar xzf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}sparc-rtems-gcc-gcc@value{GCCVERSION}newlib@value{NEWLIBVERSION}-@value{GCCRPMRELEASE}.tar.gz
+tar xzf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}rtems-base-gdb-@value{GDBVERSION}-@value{GDBRPMRELEASE}.tar.gz
+tar xzf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}sparc-rtems-gdb-@value{GDBVERSION}-@value{GDBRPMRELEASE}.tar.gz
+@end example
+The following command set is the equivalent command sequence
+for the same toolset assuming that is was compressed with
+GNU BZip (bzip2):
+cd /
+tar xjf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}rtems-base-binutils-@value{BINUTILSVERSION}-@value{BINUTILSRPMRELEASE}.tar.bz2
+tar xjf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}sparc-rtems-binutils-@value{BINUTILSVERSION}-@value{BINUTILSRPMRELEASE}.tar.bz2
+tar xjf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}rtems-base-gcc-gcc@value{GCCVERSION}newlib@value{NEWLIBVERSION}-@value{GCCRPMRELEASE}.tar.bz2
+tar xjf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}sparc-rtems-gcc-gcc@value{GCCVERSION}newlib@value{NEWLIBVERSION}-@value{GCCRPMRELEASE}.tar.bz2
+tar xjf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}rtems-base-gdb-@value{GDBVERSION}-@value{GDBRPMRELEASE}.tar.bz2
+tar xjf @value{RTEMSRPMPREFIX}sparc-rtems-gdb-@value{GDBVERSION}-@value{GDBRPMRELEASE}.tar.bz2
@end example
Upon successful completion of the above command sequence, a
@@ -132,9 +145,9 @@ PATH.
@subsection Removing Zipped Tar Files
-There is no automatic way to remove the contents of a @code{tgz} once
-it is installed. The contents of the directory @code{@value{RTEMSPREFIX}}
-can be removed but this will likely result in other packages
-being removed as well.
+There is no automatic way to remove the contents of a @code{tar.gz}
+or @code{tar.bz2} once it is installed. The contents of the directory
+@code{@value{RTEMSPREFIX}} can be removed but this will likely result
+in other packages being removed as well.
diff --git a/doc/started/buildc.t b/doc/started/buildc.t
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@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ of each component as well as any required RTEMS specific patches.
@subheading RTEMS Specific Tool Patches and Scripts
- Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/c_tools/source
+ Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}
@end ifset
@@ -103,8 +103,8 @@ of each component as well as any required RTEMS specific patches.
@end ifset
@ifset use-html
-@c URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/c_tools/source,Download RTEMS Patches and Scripts}
- URL: ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/c_tools/source
+@c URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/SOURCES,Download RTEMS Patches and Scripts}
@end ifset
@end example
@@ -437,11 +437,9 @@ of the RPMS directory under the RPM root directory.
@@ -667,10 +665,10 @@ of each component as well as any required RTEMS specific patches.
@subheading RTEMS Specific Tool Patches and Scripts
- Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/c_tools/source
+ Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/SOURCES
- URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/c_tools/source/@value{GDBRTEMSPATCH},,ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/c_tools/source/@value{GDBRTEMSPATCH}}
@end ifset
@end example
diff --git a/doc/started/buildrt.t b/doc/started/buildrt.t
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--- a/doc/started/buildrt.t
+++ b/doc/started/buildrt.t
@@ -18,20 +18,20 @@ placed in your @code{archive} directory.
@subheading @value{RTEMSVERSION}
- Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}
+ Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}
File: @value{RTEMSTAR}
@ifset use-html
-@c URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}, Download RTEMS components}
- URL: ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}
+@c URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}, Download RTEMS components}
+ URL: ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}
@end ifset
@end example
-@subheading RTEMS Hello World
+@subheading RTEMS Examples including Hello World
- Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}
- File: hello_world_c.tgz
- URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/hello_world_c.tgz,,ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/hello_world_c.tgz}
+ Directory: @value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}
+ File: examples-@value{VERSION}.tar.bz2
+ URL: @uref{ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}/examples-@value{VERSION}.tar.bz2,,ftp://@value{RTEMSFTPSITE}@value{RTEMSFTPDIR}/@value{VERSION}/examples-@value{VERSION}.tar.bz2}
@end example
diff --git a/doc/started/intro.t b/doc/started/intro.t
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--- a/doc/started/intro.t
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@@ -137,8 +137,7 @@ It is in the reader's and tool maintainers' interest that one read the
documentation before posting a problem to a mailing list or news group.
The RTEMS Project provides formatted documentation for the primary
tools in the cross development toolset including BINUTILS, GCC,
-NEWLIB, and GDB at
+NEWLIB, and GDB with the pre-built versions of those tools.
Much of the documentation is available at other sites on the Internet.
The following is a list of URLs where one can find HTML versions of
@@ -147,7 +146,8 @@ the GNU manuals:
@table @b
@item Free Software Foundation
@item Delorie Software
@@ -177,9 +177,8 @@ focus on embedded issues. Information on subscribing
to this mailing list is included in the
@uref{,CrossGCC FAQ}.
-The CrossGCC FAQ as well as a number of patches and utilities
-of interest to cross development system users are available
-at @uref{}.
+The CrossGCC FAQ and Wiki are are available
+at @uref{,}.
@subsection GCC Mailing Lists
diff --git a/doc/started/require.t b/doc/started/require.t
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--- a/doc/started/require.t
+++ b/doc/started/require.t
@@ -21,9 +21,9 @@ assessing the amount of disk space required for your installation:
| Component | Disk Space Required |
-| archive directory | 35 Mbytes |
-| tools src unarchived | 150 Mbytes |
-| each individual build directory | up to 500 Mbytes |
+| archive directory | 55 Mbytes |
+| tools src unarchived | 350 Mbytes |
+| each individual build directory | up to 750 Mbytes |
| each installation directory | 20-200 Mbytes |
@end example
@@ -184,7 +184,8 @@ next section.
When no packaging format requirements are present, the root directory for
the storage of source archives and patches as well as for building the
tools is up to the user. The only concern is that there be enough
-disk space to complete the build.
+disk space to complete the build. In this document, the following
+organization will be used.
Make an @code{archive} directory to contain the downloaded
source code and a @code{tools} directory to be used as a build
diff --git a/doc/started/sample.t b/doc/started/sample.t
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--- a/doc/started/sample.t
+++ b/doc/started/sample.t
@@ -257,15 +257,14 @@ tools/hello_world_ada/o-optimize/<filename>.exe
How this executable is downloaded to the target board is very dependent
on the BOARD_SUPPORT_PACKAGE selected.
@c More Information on RTEMS Application Makefiles
@section More Information on RTEMS Application Makefiles
-The hello world sample application is a simple example of an
-RTEMS application that uses the RTEMS Application Makefile
+These sample applications are examples of simple
+RTEMS applications that use the RTEMS Application Makefile
system. This Makefile system simplifies building
RTEMS applications by providing Makefile templates and
capturing the configuration information used to build
diff --git a/doc/started/ b/doc/started/
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--- a/doc/started/
+++ b/doc/started/
@@ -88,4 +88,4 @@
@set RTEMSUNTAR rtems-@value{VERSION}
@set RTEMSTAR @value{RTEMSUNTAR}.tar.bz2
-@set RTEMSFTPDIR /pub/rtems/releases/@value{VERSION}
+@set RTEMSFTPDIR /pub/rtems