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\input texinfo @c -*-texinfo-*-
@c %**start of header
@setfilename started
@syncodeindex vr fn
@synindex ky cp
@c @paragraphindent 0
@c %**end of header
-@c COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-1999.
+@c COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-2002.
@c On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
@c All rights reserved.
@@ -65,7 +66,6 @@
@include buildc.texi
@include buildrt.texi
@include sample.texi
-@include gdb.texi
@include nextstep.texi
@include nt.texi
@@ -82,7 +82,6 @@ This is the online version of the Getting Started with RTEMS for C/C++ Users.
* Building the GNU C/C++ Cross Compiler Toolset::
* Building RTEMS::
* Building the Sample Application::
-* Building the GNU Debugger::
* Where To Go From Here::
* Using MS-Windows as a Development Host::
@end menu