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Numerous changes based on comments from Stephan Wilms <>
including a new section in the Getting Started called "Where to Go From Here", lots of index entries added, and more configuration table information.
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@@ -267,16 +267,16 @@ the Cygwin32 environment with the new path.
@end enumerate
-@c EGCS
+@c GCC
-@section Installing EGCS AND NEWLIB
+@section Installing GCC AND NEWLIB
-@item Unarchive and patch @value{EGCS-TAR} and @value{NEWLIB-TAR}
+@item Unarchive and patch @value{GCC-TAR} and @value{NEWLIB-TAR}
following the instructions in @ref{Unarchiving the Tools}.
Apply the appropriate RTEMS specific patches as detailed in
-@ref{Apply RTEMS Patch to EGCS} and @ref{Apply RTEMS Patch to newlib}.
+@ref{Apply RTEMS Patch to GCC} and @ref{Apply RTEMS Patch to newlib}.
@b{NOTE}: See @ref{Bug in Patch Utility}.
@@ -291,7 +291,7 @@ or Objective-C as Cygwin32 cross-compilers):
@b{NOTE}: See @ref{Bug in Patch Utility}.
-@item Link the following directories from Newlib to the main EGCS directory,
+@item Link the following directories from Newlib to the main GCC directory,
/source/@value{GCC-UNTAR}/ :
@itemize @bullet