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@@ -16,49 +16,53 @@ tools directory:
cd tools
-tar xzf ../arc/rtems-980219.tgz
+tar xzf ../arc/@value{RTEMS-TAR}
@end example
@section Add the bin directory under the install point to the default PATH
-Use the following command to append the <INSTALL_POINT>/bin directory to
-the PATH variable:
+In order to compile RTEMS, you must have the cross compilation toolset
+in your search patch. The following command appends the directory
+where the tools were installed in the previous chapter:
@end example
+NOTE: The above command is in Bourne shell (@code{sh}) syntax and should work with
+the Korn (@code{ksh}) and GNU Bourne Again Shell (@code{bash}). It will not
+work with the C Shell (@code{csh})or derivatives of the C Shell.
@section Generate RTEMS for a specific target and board support package
Make a build directory under tools and build the RTEMS product in this
-directory. The ../rtems-980219/configure command has numerous command line
+directory. The ../@value{RTEMS-UNTAR}/configure
+command has numerous command line
arguments. These arguments are discussed in detail in documentation that
comes with the RTEMS distribution. In the installation described in the
section "Unpack the RTEMS source", these configuration options can be found
-in file:
+in file tools/@value{RTEMS-UNTAR}/README.configure.
-@end example
-A simple example of the configuration appears below:
+The following shows the command sequence required to configure,
+compile, and install RTEMS with the POSIX API, KA9Q TCP/IP,
+and C++ support disabled. RTEMS will be built to target
+the @code{BOARD_SUPPORT_PACKAGE} board.
mkdir build-rtems
cd build-rtems
-../rtems-980219/configure --target=<TARGET_CONFIGURATION> \
---disable-posix --disable-ka9q --disable-cpp \
---prefix=< INSTALL_POINT>
+../@value{RTEMS-UNTAR}/configure --target=<TARGET_CONFIGURATION> \
+ --disable-posix --disable-ka9q --disable-cxx \
+ --enable-rtemsbsp=<BOARD_SUPPORT_PACKAGE>\
+ --prefix=<INSTALL_POINT>
gmake all install
@end example
-The current summary of <TARGET_CONFIGURATION>'s and
+The list of currently supported of <TARGET_CONFIGURATION>'s and
<BOARD_SUPPORT_PACKAGE>'s can be found in
<INSTALL_POINT> is the installation point from the previous step
"Modify the bit script" in the build of the tools.