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@@ -374,7 +374,7 @@ Search permission is denied for a directory in a file's path prefix.
The @code{getcwd()} function copies the absolute pathname of the current
working directory to the character array pointed to by @code{buf}. The
-@code{size} argument is the number of bytes available in @cdoe{buf}
+@code{size} argument is the number of bytes available in @code{buf}
@subheading NOTES:
@@ -859,7 +859,7 @@ of @code{old}.
If a file already exists by the name @code{new}, it is removed. The
@code{rename()} function is atomic. If the @code{rename()} detects an
error, no files are removed. This guarantees that the
-@code{rename("x", "x") does not remove @code{x}.
+@code{rename("x", "x")} does not remove @code{x}.
You may not rename dot or dot-dot.