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Added DEC21140 document from Emmanuel Raguet <>.
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COMMON_FILES=../common/cpright.texi ../common/setup.texi
GENERATED_FILES=networkapp.texi driver.texi networktasks.texi testing.texi \
- servers.texi
+ servers.texi decdriver.texi
FILES= $(PROJECT).texi \
networktasks.texi preface.texi $(GENERATED_FILES)
@@ -70,6 +70,11 @@ testing.texi: testing.t Makefile
servers.texi: servers.t Makefile
$(BMENU) -p "Throughput" \
-u "Top" \
+ -n "DEC 21140 Driver" ${*}.t
+decdriver.texi: decdriver.t Makefile
+ $(BMENU) -p "Using Hooks" \
+ -u "Top" \
-n "Command and Variable Index" ${*}.t
html: dirs $(FILES)
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@c $Id$
-@chatper DEC 21140 Driver
+@chapter DEC 21140 Driver
-@section Introduction
+@section DEC 21240 Driver Introduction
@c XXX add back in cross reference to list of boards.
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ header space (see PCI Registers Fgure). Once this operation performed,
the driver
is able to extract the information it needs to configure the board internal
registers, like the interrupt line, the base address,... The board internal
-registers will not be detailled here. You can find them in @title{DIGITAL
+registers will not be detailled here. You can find them in @b{DIGITAL
Semiconductor 21140A PCI Fast Ethernet LAN Controller
- Hardware Reference Manual}.
@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ or outcoming frame to send on the physical link.
This DEC chip uses the host memory to store the incoming Ethernet frames and
the descriptor of these frames. We have chosen to use 7 receive buffers and
1 transmit buffer to optimize memory allocation due to cache and paging problem
-that will be explained in the section @b{Encountered Problems.
+that will be explained in the section @b{Encountered Problems}.
To reference these buffers to the DEC chip we use a buffer descriptors
@@ -303,3 +303,4 @@ Reference Manual}}.
@item @cite{[99.TA.0021.M.ER]Emmanuel Raguet,
@b{RTEMS Cache Management For Intel}}.
+@end itemize
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@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ END-INFO-DIR-ENTRY
@include networkapp.texi
@include testing.texi
@include servers.texi
+@include decdriver.texi
@node Top, Preface, (dir), (dir)
@top networking
@@ -81,6 +82,7 @@ This is the online version of the RTEMS Network Supplement.
* Using Networking in an RTEMS Application::
* Testing the Driver::
* Network Servers::
+* DEC 21140 Driver::
* Command and Variable Index::
* Concept Index::
@end menu
@@ -91,7 +93,7 @@ This is the online version of the RTEMS Network Supplement.
@c Need to copy the emacs stuff and "trailer stuff" (index, toc) into here
-@node Command and Variable Index, Concept Index, Using Hooks, Top
+@node Command and Variable Index, Concept Index, List of Ethernet cards using the DEC chip, Top
@unnumbered Command and Variable Index
There are currently no Command and Variable Index entries.