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+System Initialization
+ After the RTEMS initialization is performed, the application's initialization will
+be performed. Part of initialization is a call to rtems_filesystem_initialize(). This routine
+will mount the `In Memory File System' as the base file system.
+Mounting the base file system consists of the following:
+? Initialization of mount table chain control structure
+? Allocation of a -jnode- structure that will server as the root node of the `In Memory
+File System'
+? Initialization of the allocated -jnode- with the appropriate OPS, directory handlers
+and pathconf limits and options.
+? Allocation of a memory region for file system specific global management variables
+? Creation of first mount table entry for the base file system
+? Initialization of the first mount table chain entry to indicate that the mount point is
+NULL and the mounted file system is the base file system
+After the base file system has been mounted, the following operations are performed
+under its directory structure:
+? Creation of the /dev directory
+? Registration of devices under /dev directory