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Made many changes to turn the outline into something more like a manual
and less like a collection of notes.
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@c The alternative is to rework a sentence to avoid this problem.
@include preface.texi
-@include basefs.texi
-@include applayering.texi
@include patheval.texi
@include init.texi
@include mounting.texi
-@include lifecycle.texi
+@include fsrequirements.texi
@include imfs.texi
@include syscalls.texi
@@ -79,12 +77,10 @@ This is the online version of the RTEMS Filesystem Design Guide.
* Preface::
-* Base Filesystem::
-* Applications and Functional Layering::
* Pathname Evaluation::
* System Initialization::
* Mounting and Unmounting Filesystems::
-* Filesystem Lifecycle::
+* Filesystem Requirements::
* In-Memory Filesystem::
* System Call Development Notes::
* Command and Variable Index::