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The following tools are used in the production of this documentation:
-texinfo 3.7
+texinfo 4.0
+texi2www-960103 (included in tree)
This was used by the authors to generate the directory tree figure
in the texinfo printed version:
tree (from the CTAN Archives -- see
-1. Edit replace-word so it references perl in the correct location.
+Changing the Version Number and Timestamp
-2. Edit Make.config and localize it.
+RTEMS Version number is in Edit that file and run bootstrap.
-3. Edit do_docs and fix basedir
+Documentation date is in common/ and also must be modified
+by hand. bootstrap does not have to be run after modifying this file.
-4. Create the installation point for the html and info files.
+Making the Documentation
-5. Copy texi2www gif files into the main rtems html install directory.
+cvs co rtems-doc
+./configure ...
+cd tools ; make
+make info
+make all
+make install
-Use do_docs to:
+make clean
+make distclean
+make maintainer-clean
-do_docs info
-do_docs html
-do_docs clean
+Common Problems
+TeX pool_size too small.