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@section What is GNU?
-Take a look at @uref{} for information on the GNU Project.
+Take a look at @uref{,} for information on the GNU Project.
@section How do I generate a patch?
@@ -49,3 +49,23 @@ in the two source files. The GNU open-source packages usually have
UNIX style CR/LF. If you edit on a Windows platform, the line
terminators may have been transformed by the editor into Windows
+@section How do I apply a patch?
+Patches generated with the @code{diff} program are fed into the
+@code{patch} program as follows:
+patch -p1 <PATCHFILE
+@end example
+where the options are:
+@itemize @bullet
+@item -pNUM tells @code{patch} to strip off NUM slashes from the
+@end itemize
+If @code{patch} prompts for a file to patch, you may need to adjust NUM.