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authorJoel Sherrill <>1995-09-11 19:35:39 +0000
committerJoel Sherrill <>1995-09-11 19:35:39 +0000
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The word "RTEMS" almost completely removed from the core.
Configuration Table Template file added and all tests modified to use this. All gvar.h and conftbl.h files removed from test directories. Configuration parameter maximum_devices added. Core semaphore and mutex handlers added and RTEMS API Semaphore Manager updated to reflect this. Initialization sequence changed to invoke API specific initialization routines. Initialization tasks table now owned by RTEMS Tasks Manager. Added user extension for post-switch. Utilized user extensions to implement API specific functionality like signal dispatching. Added extensions to the System Initialization Thread so that an API can register a function to be invoked while the system is being initialized. These are largely equivalent to the pre-driver and post-driver hooks. Added the Modules file oar-go32_p5, modified oar-go32, and modified the file make/custom/go32.cfg to look at an environment varable which determines what CPU model is being used. All BSPs updated to reflect named devices and clock driver's IOCTL used by the Shared Memory Driver. Also merged clock isr into main file and removed ckisr.c where possible. Updated spsize to reflect new and moved variables. Makefiles for the executive source and include files updated to show break down of files into Core, RTEMS API, and Neither. Header and inline files installed into subdirectory based on whether logically in the Core or a part of the RTEMS API.
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 9 deletions
diff --git a/cpukit/score/include/rtems/system.h b/cpukit/score/include/rtems/system.h
index 5f627c1a7c..037fe93e66 100644
--- a/cpukit/score/include/rtems/system.h
+++ b/cpukit/score/include/rtems/system.h
@@ -76,9 +76,7 @@ extern "C" {
typedef void * proc_ptr;
-#include <rtems/cpu.h> /* processor specific information */
-#include <rtems/status.h> /* RTEMS status codes */
-#include <rtems/directives.h>
+#include <rtems/core/cpu.h> /* processor specific information */
* Define NULL
@@ -116,12 +114,6 @@ extern const char _RTEMS_version[]; /* RTEMS version string */
extern const char _Copyright_Notice[]; /* RTEMS copyright string */
- * The jump table of entry points into RTEMS directives.
- */
-extern const void * _Entry_points[ RTEMS_NUMBER_OF_ENTRY_POINTS ];
* The following defines the CPU dependent information table.