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authorJoel Sherrill <>2002-01-31 21:42:11 +0000
committerJoel Sherrill <>2002-01-31 21:42:11 +0000
commit0286b9f6145f9664f6b0e196e24daee8be46b538 (patch)
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parentd8a78f4fb5fd9032522ef043e1584f31a7c17dfb (diff)
2001-01-31 Mike Siers <>
* Nice Update of PPPD support which eliminates the requiremetn that drivers be in the termios TASK_DRIVEN mode. Mike did significant testing and reports that it seems to be more stable and handle larger packets better. This patch replaces the termios tasks with more general pppd network driver tasks. The functions pppinput() and pppstart() get called from the interrupt service routine. *,, net/, net/bpf.h, net/ethernet.h, net/if.c, net/if.h, net/if_arp.h, net/if_dl.h, net/if_ethersubr.c, net/if_llc.h, net/if_loop.c, net/if_ppp.h, net/if_pppvar.h, net/if_types.h, net/netisr.h, net/ppp-comp.h, net/ppp_defs.h, net/pppcompress.h, net/radix.c, net/radix.h, net/raw_cb.c, net/raw_cb.h, net/raw_usrreq.c, net/route.c, net/route.h, net/rtsock.c, pppd/, pppd/README, pppd/STATUS, pppd/auth.c, pppd/cbcp.c, pppd/ccp.c, pppd/ccp.h, pppd/chap.c, pppd/chap.h, pppd/chap_ms.c, pppd/chap_ms.h, pppd/chat.c, pppd/demand.c, pppd/fsm.c, pppd/fsm.h, pppd/ipcp.c, pppd/ipcp.h, pppd/ipxcp.c, pppd/ipxcp.h, pppd/lcp.c, pppd/lcp.h, pppd/magic.c, pppd/magic.h, pppd/options.c, pppd/patchlevel.h, pppd/pathnames.h, pppd/pppd.8, pppd/pppd.h, pppd/rtemsmain.c, pppd/rtemspppd.c, pppd/rtemspppd.h, pppd/sys-rtems.c, pppd/upap.c, pppd/upap.h, pppd/utils.c, pppd/example/README, pppd/example/netconfig.h, wrapup/ Modified. * net/bsd-comp.c, net/if_ppp.c, net/ppp-deflate.c, net/ppp.h, net/ppp_tty.c, net/pppcompress.c, net/zlib.c, net/zlib.h: New file. * modem/, modem/.cvsignore, modem/, modem/ppp.c, modem/ppp.h, modem/ppp_tty.c, modem/pppcompress.c: Subdirectory removed.
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1 files changed, 6 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/cpukit/pppd/ b/cpukit/pppd/
index b9521d7dbe..67bc112b7f 100644
--- a/cpukit/pppd/
+++ b/cpukit/pppd/
@@ -10,7 +10,9 @@ AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign 1.4
LIBNAME = lib.a
-C_FILES = auth.c ccp.c chap.c chap_ms.c chat.c demand.c fsm.c ipcp.c lcp.c magic.c options.c upap.c md4.c md5.c utils.c sys-rtems.c rtemsmain.c rtemspppd.c
+C_FILES = auth.c ccp.c chap.c chap_ms.c chat.c demand.c fsm.c ipcp.c lcp.c \
+ magic.c options.c upap.c md4.c md5.c utils.c sys-rtems.c rtemsmain.c \
+ rtemspppd.c
C_O_FILES = $(C_FILES:%.c=$(ARCH)/%.o)
@@ -33,10 +35,10 @@ all-local: $(PREINSTALL_FILES) $(ARCH) $(OBJS) $(LIB)
EXTRA_DIST = auth.c ccp.c ccp.h chap.c chap.h chap_ms.c chap_ms.h \
chat.c demand.c fsm.c fsm.h ipcp.c ipcp.h ipxcp.c ipxcp.h \
lcp.c lcp.h magic.c magic.h md4.c md4.h md5.c md5.h options.c \
-patchlevel.h pathnames.h pppd.h rtemsmain.c rtemspppd.c rtemspppd.h \
-sys-rtems.c upap.c upap.h utils.c
+patchlevel.h pathnames.h pppd.h rtemsdialer.h rtemsmain.c rtemspppd.c \
+rtemspppd.h sys-rtems.c upap.c upap.h utils.c
-include_HEADERS = rtemspppd.h
+include_HEADERS = rtemspppd.h rtemsdialer.h