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parentModified to remove reference to Force CPU386. Actually this was a misnamed (diff)
Removed targets and configurations that are no longer functional
and not likely to become so. Comments on each configuration are below. + Force CPU386 - This BSP was developed as part of the initial port of RTEMS to the i386. This board has been unavailable for a long time now. + GO32 - This BSP and some CPU code supported djgpp v1.x. This version is now quite old. No one has stepped forward to update the code to v2.x which may be technically impossible anyway. More importantly, go32 has been superceded by the pc386 BSP.
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@@ -96,20 +96,20 @@
All binary targets are placed in a sub-directory whose name is (for
- o-force386/ -- binaries (no debug, no profile)
- o-force386-debug/ -- debug binaries
- o-force386-profile/ -- profiling binaries
+ o-pc386/ -- binaries (no debug, no profile)
+ o-pc386-debug/ -- debug binaries
+ o-pc386-profile/ -- profiling binaries
Using the template Makefiles, this will all happen automatically.
- Within a Makefile, the ${ARCH} variable is set to o-force386,
- o-force386-debug, etc., as appropriate.
+ Within a Makefile, the ${ARCH} variable is set to o-pc386,
+ o-pc386-debug, etc., as appropriate.
- Typing 'make' will place objects in o-force386.
- 'make debug' will place objects in o-force386-debug.
- 'make profile' will place objects in o-force386-profile.
+ Typing 'make' will place objects in o-pc386.
+ 'make debug' will place objects in o-pc386-debug.
+ 'make profile' will place objects in o-pc386-profile.
- NOTE: For RTEMS work, the word 'force386' is the specified
+ NOTE: For RTEMS work, the word 'pc386' is the specified
RTEMS_BSP (specified in the modules file)
The debug and profile targets are equivalent to 'all' except that
@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@
compiler and host operating system. The environment variable
RTEMS_CUSTOM must point to this file; eg:
- /.../make/custom/force386.cfg
+ /.../make/custom/pc386.cfg
All leaf Makefile's also include either 'make/leaf.cfg' (or
'make/lib.cfg' for building libraries). These config files provide
@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@
Your own private configuration file. Specifies which of the above
files you want to include.
- Example: custom/force386.cfg
+ Example: custom/pc386.cfg
CONFIG.$(HOST_ARCH).OS = $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/os/HPUX-9.0.cfg
@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@
## Target compiler config file, if any
- CONFIG.$(TARGET_ARCH).CC = $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/compilers/gcc-force386.cfg
+ CONFIG.$(TARGET_ARCH).CC = $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/compilers/gcc-pc386.cfg
generic rules file
@@ -276,7 +276,7 @@
Environment Variables
- RTEMS_BSP -- name of your 'bsp' eg: force386
+ RTEMS_BSP -- name of your 'bsp' eg: pc386
RTEMS_ROOT -- The root of your source tree.
All other file names are derived from this.
@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@
obsolete and should not be referenced
ARCH -- target sub-directory for object code
- [ eg: o-force386 or o-force386-debug ]
+ [ eg: o-pc386 or o-pc386-debug ]
-- host machine architecture name
@@ -335,7 +335,7 @@
VARIANTS -- full list of all possible values for $(ARCH);
used mainly for 'make clean'
- [ eg: "o-force386 o-force386-debug o-force386-profile" ]
+ [ eg: "o-pc386 o-pc386-debug o-pc386-profile" ]
VARIANT_VA -- Variant name.
Normally "", but for 'make debug' it is "debug",
@@ -455,7 +455,7 @@
Since 'make clobber' includes 'make clean',
you don't need to duplicate items in both.
- TARGET_ARCH -- target architecture (eg: o-force386)
+ TARGET_ARCH -- target architecture (eg: o-pc386)
leaf makefiles only.
Should be specified before 'include leaf.cfg'.
Only needs to be specified if your target is