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Added ka9q tcpip stack and network driver for the gen68360. This effort
was done based on the 3.6.0 release and had to be autoconf'ed locally. It is turned on is the bsp enables it and it is not explicitly disabled via the configure option --disable-tcpip. As many warnings as possible were removed locally after the code was merged. Only the gen68360 and mvme136 bsps were compiled this way. The ka9q port and network driver were submitted by Eric Norum (eric@skatter.USask.Ca). The network demo programs are not included in the tree at this point.
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--- a/c/src/wrapup/
+++ b/c/src/wrapup/
@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ LIB=$(PROJECT_HOME)/lib/librtemsall.a
SRCS=$(wildcard $(PROJECT_HOME)/lib/libbsp$(LIB_VARIANT).a) \
$(PROJECT_HOME)/lib/librtems$(LIB_VARIANT).a \
$(wildcard $(PROJECT_HOME)/lib/libposix$(LIB_VARIANT).a) \
+ $(wildcard $(PROJECT_HOME)/lib/libka9q$(LIB_VARIANT).a) \
$(PROJECT_HOME)/lib/libcsupport$(LIB_VARIANT).a \
$(wildcard $(PROJECT_HOME)/lib/rtems-ctor$(LIB_VARIANT).o) \
$(wildcard $(PROJECT_HOME)/lib/libno-ctor$(LIB_VARIANT).a)