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+#!KSHELL -p
+# This script takes the output from the Timing Test Suite, reorders
+# it, and adds headers so it is in the same order as is printed in
+# the supplement.
+ echo "${progname} file [more files]"
+ echo
+ echo $*
+ echo
+ grep "$*" $files
+if [ $# -eq 0 ] ; then
+ usage
+ exit 0
+header Context Switch
+lookup context switch: self
+lookup context switch: to another task
+lookup context switch: no floating point contexts
+lookup fp context switch: restore 1st FP task
+lookup fp context switch: save initialized, restore initialized
+lookup fp context switch: save idle, restore initialized
+lookup fp context switch: save idle, restore idle
+header Task Manager
+lookup rtems_task_create
+lookup rtems_task_ident
+lookup rtems_task_start
+lookup rtems_task_restart: calling task
+lookup rtems_task_restart: suspended task -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_task_restart: blocked task -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_task_restart: ready task -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_task_restart: suspended task -- preempts caller
+lookup rtems_task_restart: blocked task -- preempts caller
+lookup rtems_task_restart: ready task -- preempts caller
+lookup rtems_task_delete: calling task
+lookup rtems_task_delete: suspended task
+lookup rtems_task_delete: blocked task
+lookup rtems_task_delete: ready task
+lookup rtems_task_suspend: calling task
+lookup rtems_task_suspend: returns to caller
+lookup rtems_task_resume: task readied -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_task_resume: task readied -- preempts caller
+lookup rtems_task_set_priority: obtain current priority
+lookup rtems_task_set_priority: returns to caller
+lookup rtems_task_set_priority: preempts caller
+lookup rtems_task_mode: obtain current mode
+lookup rtems_task_mode: no reschedule
+lookup rtems_task_mode: reschedule -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_task_mode: reschedule -- preempts caller
+lookup rtems_task_get_note
+lookup rtems_task_set_note
+lookup rtems_task_wake_after: yield -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_task_wake_after: yields -- preempts caller
+lookup rtems_task_wake_when
+header Interrupt Manager
+lookup interrupt entry overhead: returns to nested interrupt
+lookup interrupt entry overhead: returns to interrupted task
+lookup interrupt entry overhead: returns to preempting task
+lookup interrupt exit overhead: returns to nested interrupt
+lookup interrupt exit overhead: returns to interrupted task
+lookup interrupt exit overhead: returns to preempting task
+header Clock Manager
+lookup rtems_clock_set
+lookup rtems_clock_get
+lookup rtems_clock_tick
+header Timer Manager
+lookup rtems_timer_create
+lookup rtems_timer_ident
+lookup rtems_timer_delete: inactive
+lookup rtems_timer_delete: active
+lookup rtems_timer_fire_after: inactive
+lookup rtems_timer_fire_after: active
+lookup rtems_timer_fire_when: inactive
+lookup rtems_timer_fire_when: active
+lookup rtems_timer_reset: inactive
+lookup rtems_timer_reset: active
+lookup rtems_timer_cancel: inactive
+lookup rtems_timer_cancel: active
+header Semaphore Manager
+lookup rtems_semaphore_create
+lookup rtems_semaphore_ident
+lookup rtems_semaphore_delete
+lookup rtems_semaphore_obtain: available
+lookup rtems_semaphore_obtain: not available -- NO_WAIT
+lookup rtems_semaphore_obtain: not available -- caller blocks
+lookup rtems_semaphore_release: no waiting tasks
+lookup rtems_semaphore_release: task readied -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_semaphore_release: task readied -- preempts caller
+header Message Queue Manager
+lookup rtems_message_queue_create
+lookup rtems_message_queue_ident
+lookup rtems_message_queue_delete
+lookup rtems_message_queue_send: no waiting tasks
+lookup rtems_message_queue_send: task readied -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_message_queue_send: task readied -- preempts caller
+lookup rtems_message_queue_urgent: no waiting tasks
+lookup rtems_message_queue_urgent: task readied -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_message_queue_urgent: task readied -- preempts caller
+lookup rtems_message_queue_broadcast: no waiting tasks
+lookup rtems_message_queue_broadcast: task readied -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_message_queue_broadcast: task readied -- preempts caller
+lookup rtems_message_queue_receive: available
+lookup rtems_message_queue_receive: not available -- NO_WAIT
+lookup rtems_message_queue_receive: not available -- caller blocks
+lookup rtems_message_queue_flush: no messages flushed
+lookup rtems_message_queue_flush: messages flushed
+header Event Manager
+lookup rtems_event_send: no task readied
+lookup rtems_event_send: task readied -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_event_send: task readied -- preempts caller
+lookup rtems_event_receive: obtain current events
+lookup rtems_event_receive: available
+lookup rtems_event_receive: not available -- NO_WAIT
+lookup rtems_event_receive: not available -- caller blocks
+header Signal Manager
+lookup rtems_signal_catch
+lookup rtems_signal_send: returns to caller
+lookup rtems_signal_send: signal to self
+lookup exit ASR overhead: returns to calling task
+lookup exit ASR overhead: returns to preempting task
+header Partition Manager
+lookup rtems_partition_create
+lookup rtems_partition_ident
+lookup rtems_partition_delete
+lookup rtems_partition_get_buffer: available
+lookup rtems_partition_get_buffer: not available
+lookup rtems_partition_return_buffer
+header Region Manager
+lookup rtems_region_create
+lookup rtems_region_ident
+lookup rtems_region_delete
+lookup rtems_region_get_segment: available
+lookup rtems_region_get_segment: not available -- NO_WAIT
+lookup rtems_region_get_segment: not available -- caller blocks
+lookup rtems_region_return_segment: no waiting tasks
+lookup rtems_region_return_segment: task readied -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_region_return_segment: task readied -- preempts caller
+header Dual-Ported Memory Manager
+lookup rtems_port_create
+lookup rtems_port_ident
+lookup rtems_port_delete
+lookup rtems_port_internal_to_external
+lookup rtems_port_external_to_internal
+header IO Manager
+lookup rtems_io_initialize
+lookup rtems_io_open
+lookup rtems_io_close
+lookup rtems_io_read
+lookup rtems_io_write
+lookup rtems_io_control
+header Rate Monotonic Manager
+lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_create
+lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_ident
+lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_cancel
+lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_delete: active
+lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_delete: inactive
+lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_period: obtain status
+lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_period: initiate period -- returns to caller
+lookup rtems_rate_monotonic_period: conclude periods -- caller blocks
+exit 0