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+For the most part, programmers using RPC/XDR routines on RTEMS
+can proceed as if they were to be using a POSIX/UNIX system.
+The only significant changes are those to start the portmapper
+and to allow use of RPC/XDR by multiple threads.
+Starting the portmapper
+The SUN portmapper program has been modified to run as an RTEMS
+task. Applications which need the portmapper can start this
+task by calling:
+ int rtems_rpc_start_portmapper (int priority);
+The return value is an RTEMS status code.
+Multi-threaded operation
+The RPC/XDR package has been modified to allow for multiple RTEMS
+tasks to use RPC/XDR routines. If more than one task is to call
+an RPC/XDR routine, the additional tasks must call:
+ int rtems_rpc_task_init(void);
+before calling any RPC/XDR routines. For example, the portmapper
+calls this routine since the portmapper uses RPC/XDR routines in
+a separate thread.
+The return value is an RTEMS status code.
+Porting Notes
+Most of the FreeBSD rpc library ports to RTEMS with little
+or no modification beyond that required to provide for operation
+in a multitasking environment. Multitasking operation was
+provided by moving all `static persistence' variables into
+a single structure and using an RTEMS task variable to point
+to that structure.
+Some of the library, however, has not made it into the RTEMS
+implementation. FreeBSD source files which have been left out include:
+- Files which provide RPC to the AF_UNIX address family:
+ clnt_unix.c
+ svc_unix.c
+ An `ifndef __rtems__' was added to clnt_generic.c because clnt_unix.c
+ was omitted.
+- Files which need NIS:
+ auth_time.c
+- Files which provide DES authentication:
+ auth_des.c
+ authdes_prot.c
+ crypt_client.c
+ des_crypt.c
+ des_soft.c
+ getpublickey.c
+ key_call.c
+ key_prot_xdr.c
+ svc_auth_des.c
+The FreeBSD xdr source compiles and runs on RTEMS without modification.
+The original source was obtained from:
+ branches/4.0-stable/src/lib/libc/rpc
+ branches/4.0-stable/src/lib/libc/xdr
+ branches/4.0-stable/src/include/rpc
+ branches/4.0-stable/src/include/rpcsvc